We Succeed Only When Our Partners Succeed

Our PartnersWe recognize that FAS plays an important role in the field of property management and preservation. However, we know that we cannot do this alone. We are but one part of a chain of vital links. Only through understanding and satisfying the unique goals of each partner can FAS be truly successful.

Servicing and asset management partners’ goals are to reduce financial, reputational, and legal risks from first notice of default through disposition. FAS provides services to help them meet these goals through our risk management and service excellence. Our offerings are strategically aligned to ensure that we delivery on our commitments to our clients at every level of the process.

Investor partners’ goals are to reduce financial risk and shorten time to cash flow. FAS has built an investor centric offering platform that allows for a single-point of contact on a national scope to manage every stage of the investor cycle.

Service Provider partners’ who perform the services on these properties are critical in meeting our clients’ goals. FAS values the power of collaboration to create the highest level of performance for each property and each client. Since the inception of FAS we have built lasting relationships with our partners who have a key role in the default cycle. This includes but is not limited to attorneys, real estate agents, our vendors, and other providers. We believe that our corporate values drive the success of these relationships.