FAS manages a nationwide network of more than 13,000 vendors who meet our high standards for performance in their professional capacities. We handle every detail of the vendor relationship, enabling our clients to focus on managing their business, not their properties.

FAS excels at recruiting and qualifying seasoned contractors and vendors, and we provide initial and ongoing training. This is supplemented by inspections and site audits conducted by our staff of regional quality control specialists.

Vendor Management

  • FAS excels at recruiting and qualifying seasoned contractors and vendors
  • FAS ensure that every vendor has the required credentials to meet our clients’ needs
  • FAS provides initial and ongoing training to its vendor network members
  • FAS provides regional quality control specialists to conduct random site inspections and every order is scrutinized from placement to completion
  • FAS rewards vendor loyalty

Through our rigorous management, training, and quality control we have established a core team of preferred vendors who consistently score 95% or higher on their scorecards. This elite group of qualified vendors is 1,000 strong and has a national footprint.

Our scale and processes allow us to eliminate unnecessary expense to our clients. Our technology and our expertise enable us to scrutinize every order from placement to completion. This enables us to measure every vendor on every step of every job. Our vendors and contractors recognize that additional orders are earned through the quality and effectiveness of their work.

That said, we are extremely cognizant of the value of vendor loyalty as an integral component of the FAS team. We go out of our way with redundant voice and electronic notifications to expedite resolution of vendor invoice issues to make every effort to promptly pay for services completed.